Welded mesh reinforcement

setka-svarnajaWelded mesh reinforcement is made in card format. Material: Low-carbon wire VR-1 class of periodic profile.

The grid is described by the mesh side clear dimension and wire diameter. For the mesh side clear dimension a distance between adjacent wires of the chain is taken.

Welded mesh reinforcement is delivered in card format: 1 to 6 m long and 1.0 to 2.35m wide. Welded meshes can be manufactured with different sizes between wire axes with distance 50mm.

Scope of application

  • reinforcement of concrete structures with non-standardized strength;
  • reinforcement of road surfaces;
  • brickwork attachment at erection of walls in the construction of cottages, garages etc.;
  • fencing farmlands;
  • manufacture of greenhouses;
  • poultry – cages;
  • fur-farming — cages;