Fully automatic welding line GE 16/126 made by EVG

Fully automatic welding line GE 16/126 made by EVG (Austria) for production of light and heavy mesh reinforcements

Manufacturing of mesh cards of any geometry, with recesses (holes), and combinations of bar diameters. The equipment is equipped with a control to optimize weld points. The product parameters are shown in the Table.

Mesh data Dimensions, mm
Diameter of longitudinal reinforcement 4 -16
Diameter of crosswise reinforcement 4 -16
Length of longitudinal reinforcement 300 — 8 000
Length of crosswise reinforcement 300 — 3 300
Largest element 3 300 х 8 000
Smallest element 1200 х 2000
Spacing of longitudinal reinforcement (min)* 50 with pitch 50
Spacing of crosswise reinforcement (min)* 30 + crosswise reinforcement diameter
Center span of external longitudinal reinforcement
3 950
Longitudinal/crosswise reinforcement projecture (min)** 25
Weldable thickness (sum of bar diameters, max) 32
Minimum card edge to
opening distance
Maximum weight of welded elements – 700 kg
Maximum weight per unit area of welded elements – 30 kg/m2

* The largest spacing of longitudinal and crosswise reinforcement is defined by mesh card stability.
** The maximum projecture of all bars should be taken multiple of 25 mm.