Reinforcing frames are used for reinforcing in erection in-situ reinforced concrete constructions. Reinforcing frames are made using contact welding. The raw material for reinforcement frames is reinforcing steel, wire rod, VR-1 wire in different combinations. We offer the production of reinforcement frames from reinforcing steel up to 28mm in diameter […]

Reinforcing frames

LenStroyDetal Company has launched a new product type: HD galvanized mesh. Such mesh has some advantages typical for hot dipped galvanized products. Hot-dip galvanized coatings rank number two in terms of galvanizing products, and the quality and durability of this type of coating is, at the moment, one of the […]

Galvanized mesh

Welded mesh reinforcement is made in card format. Material: Low-carbon wire VR-1 class of periodic profile. The grid is described by the mesh side clear dimension and wire diameter. For the mesh side clear dimension a distance between adjacent wires of the chain is taken. Welded mesh reinforcement is delivered […]

Welded mesh reinforcement

Сетка для кирпичной кладки
Brickwork mesh is used as reinforcement in brick construction. It is also widely used in construction and finishing works: For reinforcement of plant cast and in-situ reinforced concrete structures and components; For reinforcement of brickwork; For reinforcement of floor, ceiling, and foundation casting; For plastering. For the production of brickwork […]

Mesh for brickwork

Mesh for reinforcement of walls, floors, concrete components Mesh for reinforcement of walls, floors, or other concrete components is meant for reinforcement of concrete structures with non-standardized strength, for reinforcement of half brick work, rattrap bond, and double brick work, for reinforcement of road surfaces, for manufacture of greenhouse frames, […]

Mesh for wall reinforcement

Сетка дорожная сварная
The road mesh is used as a reinforcing element in road construction, easy to use as a concrete floor screed over large areas. The road mesh is made  wire by contact welding. There may be different mesh manufacturing options: Standard welded road mesh sizes (mm): The road mesh made of […]

Welded mesh sheets for road construction