Fully automatic line ATT10/126 EVG

Fully automatic welding line ATT10/126 made by EVG (Austria) for production of light mesh reinforcements

Line capacity: up to 120 t of welded meshes per shift (subject to bar diameter and welded mesh geometry).

The products parameters are shown in the Table.

Mesh data Dimensions, mm
Diameter of longitudinal reinforcement 4 – 10
Diameter of crosswise reinforcement
Length (max) 6000 (9000)*
Width (min/max) 1600 (1300)/3300
Minimum width
Longitudinal reinforcement spacing from 50, further 50-fold up to 300 (500)
Crosswise reinforcement spacing from 50, further freely programmable  up to 300 (500)
Longitudinal reinforcement projecture 5 – 500
Crosswise reinforcement projecture 25 – 250