Reinforcing frames

armaturnye-karkasyReinforcing frames are used for reinforcing in erection in-situ reinforced concrete constructions.

Reinforcing frames are made using contact welding.

The raw material for reinforcement frames is reinforcing steel, wire rod, VR-1 wire in different combinations.

We offer the production of reinforcement frames from reinforcing steel up to 28mm in diameter of any complexity according to your drawings.

Reinforcement frames are made in accordance with customer’s specifications and drawings.

The use of ready-made reinforcement frames has a number of advantages over the manufacture of this product directly at the construction site:

  • technological equipment of production facilities allows to use the most effective methods of reinforcing steel welding;
  • no reinforcing steel wastes due to effective cutting of the frame length, reducing costs by 15-20%;
  • the use of ready-made reinforcement frames accelerates the construction process by 30%;
  • there is no need for additional personnel training, as when welding a reinforcement frame at a construction site this work should be assigned to specially trained personnel, having a special authorization for this type of work;
  • any theft of materials at the site is impossible.

Please note: we provide unreeling, flattening, and cutting of both ribbed and plain building bars (d up to 10 mm) of up to 11.7 m.