Mesh for brickwork

Сетка для кирпичной кладки
Brickwork mesh is used as reinforcement in brick construction.

It is also widely used in construction and finishing works:

  • For reinforcement of plant cast and in-situ reinforced concrete structures and components;
  • For reinforcement of brickwork;
  • For reinforcement of floor, ceiling, and foundation casting;
  • For plastering.

For the production of brickwork mesh contact welding of VR-1 wire is used.

Possible wire diameters: 4 and 5 mm.

сетка сварная
For convenience of use in masonry the mesh is produced with the following standard widths (acc. to brickwork mesh application options):

  • mesh 250 mm
  • mesh 380 mm
  • mesh 510 mm
  • mesh 640 mm
  • mesh 770 mm
  • mesh 1000 mm

For convenience of work with and transportation of the brickwork mesh it is manufactured 2 or 3 m long.

The brickwork mesh reinforcement can be manufactured with mesh size 50 to 200 mm and mesh spacing 50 mm.

The brickwork mesh length most convenient for transportation in railway containers is 2 m. This length ensures maximum container utilization.